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Spiritual Vision

Seeing does not involve the body’s eyes. Hearing does not involve the body’s ears. In fact, that is why the body and world were made; the body’s eyes were made not to see and the body’s ears were made not to hear. We can call that self-deception. When you don’t know your spiritual reality, the ego comes up with a disguise so clever that you forget it is a disguise or a mask. You actually seem to open your eyes in the morning. When you get out of bed, you think you are seeing something, or you think you are hearing something. When you are dreaming at night, you also think you are seeing something, and you think you are hearing something.

The day-time dream and the night-time dream are the same thing. Pure non-duality is saying that all perception is a dream. It is showing that everything in this world that seems common and accepted, and normal and assumed to be true, is not true—it all comes from a dualistic belief system. And in this dualistic perception, you will never be satisfied. Why? The blind leading the blind fall into the pit. The goal is to see; to have spiritual vision.

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by David Hoffmeister

The path of A Course in Miracles is based on the one truth that only God is real. This means that the duality of the world is false. This essential teaching is conveyed in both the Advaita Vedanta and A Course in Miracles with no contradiction, although the words differ.

Advaita Vedanta: God alone is real. The world is illusory

A Course in Miracles: God is real. The world is illusion.

Let us go deeply into the mind until it is apparent that peace of mind is available to us this very instant. We want to take a close look at the false beliefs, presently held dear, that obstruct the awareness of True Self and God. We want to raise the false beliefs to the light and trace them back to their false cause: the belief in separation from God.

The teaching I share is that enlightenment is available this very moment. And anything in one’s mind that stands in the way of that recognition of enlightenment right now must first be questioned and then seen for what it is: illusion.

To go into the mind to get to the cause of upsets that obstruct the awareness of true Self and God, see David’s Levels of Mind process.

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